Top 3 Reasons The Saints Will Beat The Bengals


reasons-the-saints-will-beat-the-bengals#3 Bengals Rushing

Although the Saints and Bengals are fairly evenly matched, with the Saints ranking 11th in rushing defense (106.8 yards per game) and the Bengals ranking 12th in rushing offense (117.4 yards per game), the Bengals have been riddled with injuries recently, especially in their run game.

#2 Saints Rushing

The Saint’s run game far outranks the Bengals run-defense game. The Saints have shown incredible improvement so far in 2014 and now rank sixth in rushing with 130.2 yards per game, that number should even improve as Ingram has easily blown past 100 yards per games against teams with poor run defense teams (the Bengals rank a measly 31st in rushing defense).

#1 Saints Passing

This category has even greater promises for the Saints, as they rank 3rd overall in pass offence, and the Bengals rank a measly 20th in pass defense. Drew Brees is one of onlythree QBs in the NFL to complete more than 68 percent of his passes so far this year.

Do you think the Bengals have a chance?