Bluefield WV Just Received Federal Grant To Buy New High-Tech Radar Detectors


bluefield policeThe Bluefield Police Department is about to be much better equipped to handle anyone who might break the speed limit.

A new federal grant in the amount of $22,237 was just announced for the entire BPD force for the purchase of new high-tech radar units for all patrol cars.

“The Byrne JAG program allows local law enforcement to buy equipment to improve public safety and address their department’s specific needs. Since coming to Congress, I have fought successfully to secure increased funding for Byrne JAG grants, as I know this program works in West Virginia. I offer my congratulations to the Bluefield Police Department and will continue to work to make sure our police departments have the resources they need to serve our communities.” -U.S. Rep Evan Jenkins

The Byrne JAG program is one of the primary units used by the U.S. Justice Dept. to equip local police.

Many Bluefield residents are now buying more advanced radar detectors to have more peace of mind on the roads.



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