Historic New Orleans Drug Bust Produces 111 Arrests and Millions in Drugs, Guns, and Cash


new orleans - wild wild east operationOne of the most massive sting operations in the history of New Orleans has resulted in an unprecedented 111 arrests. Local, state, and federal authorities have been collaborating for over 6 months on what’s being dubbed ‘Operation Wild Wild East’.

The collaborative law enforcement team used undercover agents and local informants to target the drug trade in the east side of New Orleans after massive spikes in violent crime and heroin trafficking last summer. Authorities targeted drug suspects and neighborhood residents with histories of violence, installing wiretaps and observing controlled buys.

The team has already seized over $1 million in cash, $330,000+ in jewelry, 32 guns, nine vehicles, and huge stashes of heroin and crack from Operation Wild Wild East.

Police Superintendent Michael Harrison has stated that this is the kind of law enforcement cooperation that will become a standard in future targeted investigations.

92 of the arrests were charged in state court and have not yet been released, here are the names of those charged in federal court:

Michael Sorina, 36; Beth Nguyen, 37; Vincent Jones, 45; Thomas Harrison, 34; Rodney Mack, 34; Ambrose Williams, 44; Antoinette Kelly, 32; Ricky Bozeman, 36; Larry Hardy, 48; Christopher Francis, 31; Antwine Smith, 36; Tyrone Taylor, 46; Terrell Carney, 33; Anthony Shawmon Shaw; 30; Jai Xavier Chaney, 44; Paul Ray Arbuthnot, 34; Justin Williams, 32; Gross Williams, 49; Kathleen Williams, 46.

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