Ithaca’s Tourism Website Is Telling People To Visit Florida Instead Due To Upstate NY’s Crazy Winter


visit florida instaed of Ithica2“That’s it. We surrender. Winter, you win.”

As Upstate NY continues to get hammered by one of the snowiest and coldest winter in decades, the tourism bureau of Ithaca, has literally conceded defeat, urging it’s website visitors to visit the Florida Keys instead., the tourism website run by the Ithaca Convention & Visitors Bureau, just added a pop-up window for when visitors first go to the homepage, telling visitors that “Due to this ridiculously stupid winter, Ithaca invites you to visit The Florida Keys this week. Please come back when things thaw out. Really, it’s for the birds here now…”

“On behalf of 100 million Northeasterners, we’re saying that we’re done with cold and snow,” commented Bruce Stoff, director of the Ithaca Convention & Visitors Bureau in an interview with the Ithaca Journal.

Several flights to the Keys and hotels in the area are now offering huge discounts to take advantage of the extra press.

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