World Class Chef Just Moved From Paris To Bluefield To Relaunch The RailYard Restaurant


bluefield chef Kent TrebilcoxChef Kent Trebilcox has just made a truly bold move. He could have easily landed positions at famous eateries in New York, London, LA, or pretty much any city around the world, but he chose Bluefield, WV.

He has decided to re-brand the RailYark restaurant in downtown Bluefield in a way by creating one-of-a-kind Cuban-style dishes. Over the past few decades, Trebilcox has traveled around the world perfecting his culinary arts and is now ready to make his mark here in the mountains.

He spent three years at a culinary school in Paris where he graduated with honors, and most recently did some short-term studying in southeast Asia.

Surprisingly enough, one of the owners of the RailYard initially found him on craigslist.

Trebilcox and his wife were traveling all around America and decided they didn’t want to be in a large city, but rather, a unique small town. Someplace both he and his wife (a pastry chef) could work side-by-side.

He put Craigslist ads in over a dozen markets across the country, and Bluefield ended up being the winner.

Bluefield is now one step closer to becoming a culinary destination town.

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