Massive Fight Breaks Out After Men Start Beating Venice Beach Lifeguard (Video)


In one of the most shocking videos of the year, a Venice Beach lifeguard was caught on tape defending himself against two extremely violent men and a woman.

After exchanging some words, the lifeguard climbs down off his tower after reportedly asking the pedestrians not to smoke on the pier. One man punches the lifeguard and another joins in the kicking and hitting before a bystander takes on one of the men. The lifeguard can be seen getting the upper hand on one of the assailants, repeatedly punching him as he lay on the ground. The woman later rushes the lifeguard, only to be subdued as she accuses him of sexual harassment;

When the LAPD arrived, they arrested the two men, Harutiun Balyan, 30, and Ara Sarkisyan, 28, and a woman, Arusiak Gekchyan, 28, on battery on an executive officer charges, the Los Angeles Times reported. (A lifeguard is considered a peace officer.)

Captain Kenichi Haskett, of the LA County Lifeguards, told the Times that the lifeguard climbed down the tower to have a clearer conversation about the smoking ban (a no-smoking sign is posted on the pier) when he was jumped.

“This is the first time something like this has happened that I can recall, we don’t get into physical altercations,” he remarked.

The attacked lifeguard claimed that before the fight broke out, someone in the trio threw a lit cigarette into the lifeguard’s stand, a claim backed up by bystanders. The alleged attacker who was knocked to the ground was taken to the hospital on a stretcher.