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There’s Now A School For People Who Want To Become a Mermaid

A school has recently opened up to teach people the art of “mermaiding” (or mermaning, ...

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North Korea Furious Over Kim Jong Un and Barack Obama Viral Dance Video

The communist nation of North Korea has asked China to stop the spread of a ...

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Olive Oil, Garlic and Parmesan corn

15 Of The Most Amazing Corn On The Cob Recipes of All Time

Summer is now in full swing – which means it’s time to eat way more ...

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Top 15 Funniest Video Clips Ever Made

Some say that laughter is the best medicine. Prepare to be healed… #1 Cotton Candy Machine #2 Kanye ...

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Colbie Caillat - Try

She Was Tired of Being Photoshopped, So She Created THIS

Grammy award winning Colbie Caillat has just released a new song called “Try” that is now going ...

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Top 10 People Having Awesome Days

Some people can get creative when it comes to being positive…we can learn a lot ...

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Biggest Swimming Pool In The World Is Over Half a Mile Long

Have you ever thought those little kiddie swimming pools were just a little bit too ...

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17 Reasons Why I’m Proud To Be An American

I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free. And I ...

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17 Eerily Similar Celebrity Twins From The Past

Have you ever seen someone who looked just like your good friend or like a ...

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Top 17 Hilarious Wrong Number Texts

We all get calls from the wrong number, but have you got a wrong number ...

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Which Team Should You Root For During The 2014 World Cup?

If you’re an American or if you hate all sports sports, you might not know which ...

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17 Of The Most Mind Blowing Statements Of All Time

Some of the following statements require a couple minutes of thought….and some you’ll be thinking ...

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Self-Concept and Its Interior Motives

Volumes have been written about self-concept in all its forms. The bottom line is: you ...

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17 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Your Body

Consider the human body for a moment . . . what a miracle! It performs ...

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Top 25 Most Hilarious Infomercial Struggles

Because life can be hard without the right novelty products to make it through the ...

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Top 12 Simple Tips To Increase Brain Power

In line, on hold, at a traffic light, for the doctor, on the carpool, to ...

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